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PADI Montreal Scuba Diving News: PADI Divemaster or Scuba Diving Instructor in Montreal This Coming Summer: Get a life!


Following the success of our most recent “Get a Life: Go Pro!” information session on careers in scuba diving (mainly in English), we’re doing an “encore presentation” on Tuesday evening, February 7, in French, with PADI Course Directors Sébastien Savignac and Darcy Kieran.

Have you been…




There is now a Star Trek version of Settlers of Catan.

According to Board Game Geek

The one new element in Star Trek Catan compared to the Settlers version is a set of character cards, each featuring one of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Scott, Uhura, Chekov, Chapel, Rand or Sarek. Each character card has two special powers that the holder can use on his turn, such as a forced trade.

Comes out in March

That means I have a month and a half to act like I didn’t pee pee my pants pants when I found out this news. 

WELP. BYE BYE LATE 20’S. ITS BEEN NICE KNOWIN YA. SEE YOU GUYS NEVER. Unless you want to come over and play that is.

I’m in!!!

First an awesome TNG twitter account, now this!  More proof that Star Trek can be cool even with out another JJ Abrams movie!

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